Frequently Asked Questions

about AREQuestions (AQ)

What is is an online platform founded by architect Elif Bayram in 2020. It provides high-quality and affordable practice questions and video lectures for architectural workers studying for NCARB Architectural Registration Exams.

Why should I use AQ materials?

Quality: Every question and video lecture on this platform is designed to make you learn the content. Not to memorize or make you study passively. The more actively you are involved in the learning process, the more information you retain. This is why I provide detailed explanations for each question accompanied by a reference to a book, section, and chapter. Most of these reference materials are the books recommended by NCARB in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines Reference Matrix. When you study my questions and watch my videos, you will be able to verify every piece of information you are given and explore all of them in depth by visiting these reference materials.

The Best Practice Questions: According to many users, my questions are the best practice question in the market. Check out the reviews on ARE Facebook Forum, NCARB’s ARE Community, and this website. If you solve all the questions and read all the recommended chapters under each question, you will see the result as many people did.

Affordability is an essential part of this platform. I do my best to keep all my materials as affordable as possible. I continuously pay for all the technical infrastructure and workforce every month, but I still keep my questions one-time payment. Even after reaching almost 8,000 subscribers and receiving fantastic feedback, I never thought to switch my questions to an expensive monthly subscription product because my goal is much more ambitious than getting rich. LOL! I want to make a substantial change in this industry. I know how overworked and underpaid architectural workers are. It is even harder for parents, women, new graduates with student debt, students, and immigrant architects. Getting licensed can be very empowering and a solution to accessing better-paying jobs or self-employment. If I can help and encourage you to get licensed, we all can get stronger and ask for better work conditions. With this in mind, I think selling expensive study materials creates inequality and lowers people’s chances of breaking this cycle.

Approachability is also something I work on very hard every day. I respond to every email or inquiry as fast as possible, even on Sundays or at night. I answer every ARE candidate’s questions without asking if they are a paid customer. I also set up a free phone/Zoom call if I can be more helpful. Please use the Contact page if you have any questions or need support in your ARE journey.

Reviews: My practice materials have great reviews on ARE Facebook Forum, NCARB’s ARE Community, and this website. If you solve all the questions and read all the recommended chapters under each question, you will see the result as many people did. 

What products do you offer?

AQ has practice questions for 5 of the 6 NCARB Architectural Registration Exams. These are PCM, PJM, PA, PPD, and PDD exams. In addition to these question bundles, I have a question bundle called All About ADA, which has questions that will help you learn basic ADA dimensions. This bundle can be used for everyone studying for PA, PPD, and PDD exams. I don’t have questions for the CE exam. I also have 14 hours long Video Lectures that cover some of the most challenging technical content like structures, environment, and sustainability. Before each lecture, you are given a list of chapters and sections you need to study, and after each lecture, you are asked to solve an 8 to 10 questions quiz. These quizzes differ from the quizzes you find in PA, PPD, and PDD bundles. 

Why don’t you advertise your website?

My questions became famous organically. Word of mouth was (and still is) my original advertisement method. As I progressed, many people suggested I spend money on professional advertisements. But this also meant added cost to the products and users. So to keep my questions affordable, I decided not to spend money on ads. Yes, this might not be the “best” business approach, but it is how I continue to love what I do. I don’t feel comfortable adding these fees to the products and charging people to make up for it. So, I trust you so we can all keep these affordable for our fellow architects. Please tell a friend if you liked my materials so everyone can benefit from them at affordable rates.

Do you offer free sample questions or videos?

Yes, I do. Please visit the homepage and scroll down to see free sample questions for each question bundle. They have a Free tag on them. You can watch a free sample of my video lectures on the Video Courses page too.

Do I need the questions or video lectures, or both?

It would not be wise to compare videos to questions because they are two different study tools. The videos provide a list of study references before each lecture. During the course, I ask additional questions and solve them to teach the content. Following each video lecture, there is a quiz I want you to solve to solidify the information. For now, the videos only cover some of the technical content asked in the PA, PPD, PDD, and maybe for CE exams. My goal is to cover all technical content eventually. I don’t recommend video lectures for the PCM and PJM exams yet. Please visit the Video Courses page to find the table of video contents, and remember that video courses are monthly subscription.

Use all of the question bundles to support your study efforts. They are very comprehensive and cover almost all of the content NCARB asks for each exam. There is a lot of overlap between the six exams, so you should purchase all question bundles to study all six exams. No matter what book you study, solving thousands of questions for each exam would be best. Practising correctly is necessary to pass any standardized test.

Do you offer discounts?

When you buy multiple bundles, the price goes down. Please check out the ARE prep materials page to see the discounted bundles.

Do you have questions for the CE exam?

No, I don’t. However, you can use PJM and PCM questions to study CE too. I recommend studying for PJM, PCM, and CE together and using their questions interchangeably. Also, I receive regular feedback regarding how my PJM and PCM questions helped people to pass CE too.

Do you have a Youtube Channel?

Yes. I have some helpful videos there. Subscribe here!

Do you offer discounts for AIA Chapters?

Yes, I offer special pricing for AIA chapters. Please get in touch with me at [email protected].

Do you offer group discounts?

No, I don’t offer group discounts right now.

how to

Do I pay once or monthly?

It depends.

  • All question bundles (PA, PPD, PDD, ADA, PCM & PJM) are a one-time payment.
  • Video Courses are based on a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription cost for the video courses is $30/month, and it is a recurring fee, not a one-time payment. By subscribing, you acknowledge and agree to this payment structure. 
  • You can cancel your video course subscription anytime you want and come back anytime you want.
  • Because video course is a monthly subscription, all sales are final.
  • Gaining access to Video Courses does not give you access to other question bundles (PA, PPD, PDD, ADA, PCM & PJM).

Your access to question bundles (PA, PPD, PDD, ADA, PCM & PJM) remains active for 12 months. After this period, I’ll ask for proof that you are still actively taking the exams, as a measure to protect my intellectual property. Once I receive your request and the required proof, I will renew your access at no extra cost. If your access expires after one year but you are still in the testing process, please use the contact form to get in touch. Simply submit a screenshot of your NCARB page indicating that you are still taking exams, while ensuring your personal information is concealed. Following your email, I will reassign the question bundle(s) to you without any additional payment.

Once you complete your exams, your access cannot be transferred to you sibling, relative, spouse, significant other, coworker, or any other party other than you. Sharing your login credentials with others is strictly prohibited and a clear violation of our terms and conditions. 

How can I access the materials?

All materials on this website are accessed online. No book, printed pdf, or physical material will be sent to you after you purchase. To access all virtual materials, including free ones, you need to create an account. Once you create an account, you will receive an email asking you to set a password. Please follow the instructions and create a password. Save your login credentials because you will use them to access materials on the platform. You can create an account HERE and start enjoying the materials.

I enrolled; what is next?

Congratulations! Your access to practice materials started. Please carefully read all the instructions in the payment confirmation email and watch this video tutorial to see how to access questions.

Do I need to wait for your approval after I complete my purchase?

No. You don’t need to wait for my manual approval. Your access to practice materials starts right after your payment is processed. You will receive an email confirming your purchase. Please read it carefully and watch the video tutorial above to see how to access the materials after your purchase is processed.

It says my access to question bundle expired, why?

Yes, you only make a one-time payment for the question bundles (PA, PPD, PDD, ADA, PCM, PJM). However, your access to question bundles expires every year (365 days) and needs to be renewed. If you find that you can no longer access the questions, it means your access period has ended. But there’s no need to worry, you won’t have to make another payment. I simply need to confirm that you are still actively taking the exams. Please send me a photo of your NCARB page that shows you still have exams left to complete. Before sending it, remember to hide your NCARB #. I will respond to your message before 6 pm EST on weekdays. If it’s a holiday, weekend, or after 6 pm, please expect a response on the next business day. You can contact me at [email protected]

Please note that; once you complete your exams, your access cannot be transferred to your sibling, relative, spouse, significant other, coworker, or any other party. Sharing your login credentials with others is strictly prohibited and a clear violation of our terms and conditions. 

What is the expiration date of my question bundle?

Let’s be clear first. You only pay for question bundles once. But they have to be renewed every 12 months, and you can check your expiration date as shown in this short clip.


How can I mark a quiz complete?

You will be able to mark a quiz as complete once you perform 80% and higher. At the end of a quiz, if you achieve 80% and higher and want to mark it as complete, click the Click Here to Continue button, as shown below.

How can I review previously taken quizzes?

Please watch this quick video tutorial to see how to access previously submitted quizzes. 

Can I share my access with a friend?

No, you cannot because it is copy right infringement and you shouldn’t do that. But also the quiz platform only allows single login at a time. So you please don’t share your login credentials with anyone. It violates the terms and conditions of this website and is strictly prohibited. I keep my prices affordable to be as considerate and inclusive as possible. 

Can I share my AQ screen with my study group during a Zoom meeting?

No. Please don’t share your screen during any study session, online or in person. 

I forgot when I purchased or what I purchased.

No worries. Login to your account, visit the account page and view your purchases under the Order tab. Watch this short clip if you need further help.

I forgot my password.

No worries, visit the Sign In page and click the Forgot Password link below. 

How can I toggle between quizzes?

The quiz dashboard is very user-friendly. A list of quizzes in the bundle you are working on is listed in the list on the left of the screen. Once you submit a quiz, if you don’t want to review your answers, click on the next quiz in the list.

How can I mark a video lecture complete/incomplete?

Once you finish watching a video lecture, it automatically gets marked as complete. If you want to keep a video incomplete, even after finishing it once, you can always click the Mark Incomplete button as shown below and change the status to incomplete.

Can I save and resume my Quizzes / Mock Exams?

Yes, you can. Every time you answer and check a question, the system automatically saves your answer. Next time you start the same quiz (or mock exam), you will see the questions you already answered marked as answered. To restart the quiz, you must first click on Quiz Summary (yellow button in the upper right corner) and then click the Finish Quiz button. After this, if you go into the same quiz again, no questions will be marked as answered and saved. It will be as if you take it the first time.

Why does the question order change every time I restart a quiz?

You can retake the same quiz as many times as you want, there is no limit. But, the questions in all quizzes and mock exams shuffle each time you restart a quiz. This is to prevent you from memorizing the answers in order. 

How do I cancel my video subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Visit your dashboard and click on the Account tab. Under your account, you will find another tab named Video subscriptions. Click on it, and you can control your subscription preferences under this tab.

I have a question about one of the questions.

Please take a screenshot of the question you need further explanation and email me at [email protected].

Do you offer private tutoring or coaching?

Sorry, but I don’t. Because private tutoring would be a costly offer, instead, I decided to create video lectures to answer this demand. This way, you can watch lectures at your convenience for a meagre cost, and I can offer my services to all candidates rather than to a very exclusive group.

How do I record my completed quiz and navigate to the next or previous one?

To record your completed quiz, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the yellow Quiz Summary tab located in the upper right corner of the quiz interface.
  2. Next, click on the “Finish Quiz” tab.
  3. To move to the next quiz, click on the blue forward arrow as indicated in the image below.
  4. If you wish to revisit the previous quiz, you can use the Previous arrow.

Please note that you can safely disregard any “you may lose progress” messages regardless of if you finished a quiz or not. All answered questions are saved by the system.  However, unfinished quizzes cannot be viewed under your dashboard. If you answered a few questions and left a quiz unfinished,  when you come back to retake that quiz, you will see your previously answered questions are answered bu their order is now different because the questions are shuffled every time you restart a quiz. 

In this case, if you want a fresh start, please follow the steps 1 and 2 and finish the quiz to restart fresh. 

Can I Login From Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

No, it’s not possible. Our system permits only one login per account from one device at a time. For instance, if you’re logged in at your workplace desktop and attempt to log in from your home desktop, your session at work will be automatically terminated upon logging in at home. Likewise, simultaneous logins from a tablet and a laptop are not allowed. This restriction is in place to deter the sharing of login credentials. Please note that sharing your credentials is both a copyright infringement and strictly prohibited. Moreover, it just doesn’t work:)

firm discount

Do you offer firm discounts?

Yes. Please continue reading to find out the details of the firm discount.

How does firm discount work?

  • Firm deals are annual memberships.
  • The firm pays for one year upfront. I am sure you will like the materials; however, if you don’t, you can cancel within the calendar 30 days after your purchase, and I will fully refund your one-year payment.
  • This discount works for employees who work for the same firm. Any number of licenses can be provided to your firm. The licenses can be assigned to any user account created with their company email. The firm purchases and owns all of the licenses, not the employees. If any employee stops testing or working with the office, their license can be transferred to another employee. If there is a change in the number of licenses at the end of the year, the price will be adjusted on the following year’s payment.
  • Once the payment is processed and the list of employee accounts with their company emails is provided, access to all materials will start. The process typically takes one (1) business day. I will notify all users once their access is initiated.
  • The firm purchases and owns all of the licenses, not the employees. If any employee stops testing or working with the office, their license can be transferred to another employee.

What does the firm discount cover?

It covers basically everything. Access all five question bundles (PCMPJMPAPPD & PDD ) + ADA Questions and Video Lectures.  I don’t have questions for the CE exam yet. Please each product page carefully as they have unique details. 

Is firm membership a one-time payment?

No, firm deals are annual memberships. However, the cost is significantly reduced. Please find discounted prices below.

Discounted Prices

1 – 5 licenses = $220 per license per year.

6 – 10 licenses = $200 per license per year.

11 – 20 licenses = $190 per license per year.

21 and more licenses = $180 per license per year.

Let’s do some math to see your savings;

If your firm gets a license for you, they will pay a maximum of $440 for two years. (I use two years as a general reference, your process can be shorter).

But, if you purchased everything on your own, you would pay $975 including the subscription of Video Lectures. So it is a great savings for employees.

*If your firm doesn’t want to purchase licenses for you but you and your coworkers are still willing to take advantage of this discount, please reach out to me at [email protected].


How to renew the firm license

Firm deals are annual memberships. Upon arriving at the end of the year, I will check in with the contact person in your office to see if there has been a change in the total number of licenses and forward the new invoice accordingly.