Register for Webinars!

Hello! I don’t want this web-site to be only “a quiz taking” website to help people pass. The more we engage, the higher the chances for you guys to pass! So I decided to host  some regular webinars where I can either focus on a topic, a book or just on some study techniques. It doesn’t matter if you already purchased the questions or not, anyone can join me. Some of these events will be free, and some will have a small fee depending on the demand.

Below please find the calendar for upcoming Webinars and register ahead of the time! I will have a Max 100 people limit per Webinar and it will be first come first serve! So hurry up! Also, please tell your friends! I promise some “scary” contents like “structural formulas” won’t be as scary anymore. And, if you are not going to make it, cancel your registration to open up room for people who can actually make it.

Stay tuned!

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