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!!! Important — Please Read Carefully !!!

Except for the discounted office deals (scroll down to see discounted office deals), access to all quiz bundles is a ONE-TIME payment, not a monthly or yearly subscription. HOWEVER, once you purchase, you will have access to the questions for 12 months at a time. After the 12 months, when your access expires, send me an email with the screenshot of your NCARB record (hide your account # before you send it, please) showing that you are still testing so I can reinstate your access for another year, for free. As long as you are testing, you will have access to the questions, and you will never need to pay again to reinstate your access. Access dates cannot be managed per each user’s test schedule or cannot be reinstated before they expire. Please use the contact form to send your request to reinstate your access.

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office discounts

Discounted Prices

The regular price of all five exam questions ($170) + ADA questions ($20) is equal to $190. Please find the discounted prices for your firm below.   

  • 1 – 5 licenses (users) ≈10% off – $170 per license per year.
  • 6 – 10 licenses (users) ≈15% off – $160 per license per year.
  • 11 – 20 licenses (users) ≈ 21% off – $150 per license per year.
  • 21 and more licenses (users)  ≈30% off – $135 per license per year 

How Does It Work?

  • The office discount offers discounted prices for employees who work for the same firm.
  • Any number of licenses can be provided to your firm, depending on the request.
  • The licenses can be assigned to any user upon your request. When an employee stops working with the firm, their license can be transferred to another employee in the office. 
  • The license covers access to all five question bundles (PCMPJMPAPPD & PDD ) and ADA Questions only. I don’t have questions for the CE exam yet. Please read the respective page of each exam bundle carefully to review the content. 
  • Video Content is not part of this deal.
  • Once the payment is processed, and the list of employee accounts is provided (by the firm’s contact person), access to all materials will start. The process typically takes one (1) business day. I will notify all users once their access is initiated.
  • Office deals are based on annual membership.
  • Please assign a contact person to the office for communications.
  • Upon informing me, the firm has the right to cancel some or all licenses at any time. However, after the first 15 calendar days, all sales are final and will not be refunded. If you cancel some or all licenses within the first 15 calendar days of access, I will fully return your money, depending on the number of canceled licenses.
  • The firm purchases and owns all of the licenses, not the employees. If any employee stops testing or working with the office, their license can be transferred to another employee. If there is a change in the number of licenses at the end of the year, the price will be adjusted on the next year’s payment accordingly.
  • The firm may add more licenses at any time. With new additions, if the total licenses reach the following discount brackets, I will honor the new price for the additional licenses.
  • In case they have a question or issue, the account owners can reach out to me directly via email at info@arequestions.com.

Renewal of Licenses

  • Upon arriving at the end of the year, I will check in with the contact person in your office to see if there has been a change in the total number of licenses and forward the new invoice accordingly.

Access to Video Content

Video content is a fairly new product with a very affordable price, so I decided not to include it in the office deal.

register for webinars!

I don’t want this website to be only “a quiz-taking” website. The more we engage, the higher the chances for you guys to pass! So I decided to host regular webinars to focus on a topic, a book, or some study techniques. It doesn’t matter if you already purchased the questions or not; anyone can join the webinars. Some of these events will be free, and some will have a fee depending on the demand.

Below please find the calendar for upcoming Webinars and register ahead of time! And, if you are not going to make it, cancel your registration to open up room for people who can actually make it.

See you there!