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Project Planning & Design Exam Practice Questions

  • 2 Mock Exams – A total of 240 Questions
  • 2 Practice Formats:
    • 20 Question Quizzes: 12 x 20 Question quizzes each with questions from all content areas of the actual exam with reflected percentages. This format is untimed and the correct answer and feedback of each question is shown right after you submit your answer.
    • 2 Mock Exams:  Similar to real exam, 120 questions (each), timed mock exam with questions from all content areas of the actual exam with reflected percentages. The answers of the questions with feedback will be available at the end.
  • Feedback as Study Source: This is the biggest difference of AreQuestions! There is an extensive explanation of each question, supported with graphics, multiple solution methods, study and exam tips. And most importantly, almost 80% of feedbacks refers test takers to a book, chapter and even section or graphic where you can read/study about the topic further and utilize each question as a study tool.
  • NCARB Content Area and Percentage Match: I have created questions from each content area with reflected percentages so your experience can be as close as to the real exam. In either practice format, at the end of your test, you will receive a report that shows your achievement in each content area.
  • Mobile Access: You can easily access to your questions via your phone or tablet.
  • One time payment, no subscription: Once you purchase you will have access to the questions for 6 months. Hope you do but if you don’t pass within 6 months and need to extend your access, all you need to do is to send me an e-mail with the screen shot of your NCARB record (hide your account information before you send please) showing that you are still testing for PPD and PDD and I will give you another 6 months or until you pass.