ARE 5.0 score report calculator

I prepared this approximate score report calculator for the ARE 5.0 exams because I think the ARE community needs to know how they performed after their tests.  But unfortunately, NCARB still holds that information to itself. I see posts on the NCARB forum and Facebook complaining about this every day. That is why I spent some time creating this calculator to help you assess your score reports. In my opinion, if a test taker knew approximately how many correct answers they did on a failed attempt, that would help them tremendously for their next try.


Because if you are only a few questions away from a passing score, it will motivate you for the next 60 days to study better and focus better with higher self-esteem. 


This should never mean that you should slow down your efforts, even if you are only 2-3 questions away. Because NCARB has a large pool of questions for each test and next time you may get a totally different set of questions. The topics will remain similar though. So you have to make sure to study everything again before your next try, even if you were only 1 question away…

And, if you are more than a few questions away, that should still motivate you to elevate your study efforts and take them to the next level. This realistic perspective is the key to the success of many ARE takers, including me. After my first PPD attempt, once I figured out that I was far far away from passing :)), I expanded my study areas and efforts significantly. 

how to use the calculators

Below you will find a separate calculator for each six-exam division. To use them, first, you need to find the scaled score on the first page of your ARE 5.0 Score Report. Once you find the scaled score, insert the number in the box, under your exam and click on calculate button (or just press enter on your keyboard). The calculator will tell you, approximately how many questions you were missing to pass.


Please remember that there is no way of knowing exactly how many questions you answered correctly…  It is an approximation based on the given information.  This method will not give you a 100% accurate/final result. It should be accepted as APPROXIMATE results to provide you with SOME numeric ideas based on your score report. I have no data provided by NCARB or another person/entity to support this method. This method is totally produced by me, Elif Bayram.  When using this method, the user assumes and accepts full responsibility.

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