*** This post has been updated as per the new PSI Score Reports. Please read the post carefully and watch the video below to see how to use the new calculator. 

I think the ARE community needs to know how they performed after their tests. But unfortunately, NCARB still holds that information to itself. I see posts on the NCARB forum and Facebook complaining about this every day. That is why I spent some time creating a calculator to help you assess your score reports. In my opinion, if a test taker knew approximately how many correct answers they did on a failed attempt, that would help them tremendously for their next try.


Because if you are only a few questions away from a passing score, it will motivate you for the next 60 days to study better, and focus better with higher self-esteem. 


This should never mean that you should slow down your efforts, even if you are only 2-3 questions away. Because NCARB has a large pool of questions for each test and next time you may get a totally different set of questions. The topics will remain similar though. So you have to make sure to study everything again before your next try, even if you were only 1 question away…

And, if you are more than a few questions away, that should still motivate you to elevate your study efforts and take them to the next level. This realistic perspective is the key to the success of many ARE takers, including me. After my first PPD attempt, once I figured out that I was far far away from passing :)), I expanded my study areas and efforts significantly. 

the method

As you may know, since June 1st, 2022, NCARB provides scaled scores in the reports. It can be found on the first page of your score report. According to NCARB, scaled results range from 100 to 800, and the minimum passing score is 550. This roughly gives us that on a scale from 0 to 100;

  • 100 = 0
  • 800 = 100

So based on this information, I find the value of each question per test and divided it by your scaled score report to approximately find how many more questions you needed to pass. Not all questions are scored , there are pre-test items so I excluded them. and 

As you know, you are not required to pass all exam divisions to pass a test. As long as you achieve the passing score with enough correct questions, you pass the test. So, I believe this calculator will help you better understand your score report and, more importantly, approximately how many more correct questions you will need to pass on your next attemp.

how to use the evaluator

Step- 1

The table is view only, not editable. So, you need to select all of it and paste it into a blank Google Sheet. Don’t worry, you will not lose the formulas. 


Only Row #4 is for your use in this table, which is highlighted in red. Find the exam you are looking for in the columns and then go to the intersecting cell of Row #4 and your exam. 


Double-click in the cell and replace the number 550 in the formula with your scaled score. Press enter and you will see the approximate number of questions you missed in the exam. Always round up to stay on the safe side.

 Now, click here to access the evaluator. Or watch the video above to see me explaining how to use the evaluator. 

Elif Bayram, AIA


Please remember that there is no way of knowing exactly how many questions you answered correctly…  It is an approximation based on the given information.  This method will not give you a 100% accurate/final result. It should be accepted as APPROXIMATE results to provide you with SOME numeric ideas based on your score report. I have no data provided by NCARB or another person/entity to support this method. This method is totally produced by me, Elif Bayram.  When using this method, the user assumes and accepts full responsibility.