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About Video Courses

I have always wanted to create video lectures, and finally, here they are.


Because I know how hard it can be to read on your own, I am sure you know how I am a  big advocate of  “reading books.” But I admit it. It is hard to do it on your own. Especially when there are hundreds of pages to read for technical exams. So I created these video lectures to be your reading buddy. I read and study the books like you, create these animated video lectures to explain them further and add new quiz questions at the end to solidify your understanding.


Before each video lecture, there is a list of reference materials (specific chapters and sections from books and documents).

My method is easy;

  1. Read the material,
  2. Watch the lecture,
  3. Solve the quiz.

I believe, if you follow these steps, you will learn these contents for good.

More Details;

  • Please visit the Table of Contents to see all of the contents covered in these videos.
  • As of May 2022, I have more than 3 hours of animated content and 49 brand new quiz questions associated with each lecture. These questions are not the same as those already in PPD, PDD, or PA bundles.
  • These videos will focus on more technical topics for now. Structural issues like loads, moment, equilibrium, shear & moment diagrams, earthquake design, and more are explained thoroughly and accompanied by brand new questions to help you further.
  • All questions in the videos (an more) are also provided in the Quiz format, so after watching the videos, you can solve all of these questions on your own and test how much you retained.
  • You can easily access your videos via your phone or tablet.

Subscription Cost and Details

  • The monthly subscription cost of the videos is $15/month. This price will be subject to a change once I have more and more content on the website (probably not during 2022, though), but, of course, it will never have a $$$/month price tag.
  • Cancel your subscription anytime you want and come back anytime you want.
  • Because this is a monthly subscription, all sales are final.

I will keep adding more and more videos to cover all technical content related to PA, PPD & PDD exams during 2022. You will be informed via email every time a new video is added, and you can immediately start watching them as part of your subscription. So stay tuned…



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