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ELIF BAYRAM · October 1, 2021

About Video Courses

I have always wanted to create video lectures, and finally, here they are.


Because I know how hard it can be to read on your own, I am sure you know how I am a  big advocate of  “reading books.” But I admit it. It is hard to do it on your own. Especially when there are hundreds of pages to read for technical exams. So I created these video lectures to be your reading buddy. I read and study the books like you, create these animated video lectures to explain them further and add new quiz questions at the end to solidify your understanding.

The Method

Before each video lecture, there is a list of reference materials (specific chapters and sections from books and documents).

My method is easy;

  1. Read the material,
  2. Watch the lecture,
  3. Solve the quiz.

I believe that if you follow these steps, you will learn these contents for good.

More Details;

  • Please visit the Table of Contents to see all the contents covered in this course.
  • As of February 2024, I have 14 hours of animated content and a total of 178 brand-new quiz questions distributed through the lectures. These questions are not the same as those already in PPD, PDD, or PA bundles.
  • These video courses focus on more technical topics, and I have 4 modules as of now:
  1. Structures
  2. Sustainability & Environment
  3. Mechanical Systems
  4. Site Analysis – Zoning Regulations and Placement of Buildings. Check out the Table of Contents
  • I also have a lecture called “How to Read ARE Questions,” which explains my strategies to unveil the relationship between questions and the correct answer(s). In this video, I used three questions from the NCARB ARE 5.0 Handbook to explain these methods. I will add more “How to…” videos like this to share my tips.
  • All questions in the video courses (and more) are also provided in the Quiz format, so after watching the videos, you can solve all of these questions on your own to test how much you retained.
  • You can easily access the courses and quizzes via your phone or tablet.

Subscription Cost and Details (Please Read Carefully)

  • This purchase only includes access to Video Courses. All other products like question bundles (ADA, PCM, PJM, PPD, PDD and PA) are sold separately. Subscribing video courses will not give you access to the other products.
  • The monthly subscription cost for the video courses is $30/month, and it is a recurring fee, not a one-time payment. By subscribing, you acknowledge and agree to this payment structure. Please visit the Table of Contents to see all the contents covered in these videos.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime you want and come back anytime you want.
  • Because this is a monthly subscription, all sales are final.
  • Please use Google Chrome to get the best experience.

Free Sample Video

Here is a sample moment question taken from my video courses. Please remember that this is just a portion of the entire lecture. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch more informative videos.


I keep adding more and more videos to cover all ARE content. So stay tuned…


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Bundle Includes

  • 5 Exams
  • 28 Videos
  • 18 Quizzes

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Arron Palmer
Posted 3 weeks ago
Great Video Resource (I passed PPD)

Elif, has a way of keeping her audience engaged. She speaks clearly and is very direct. She doesn't stutter and its helpful to have her in the bottom right hand corner speaking to you. This forces you to pay attention as if you're having a conversation with someone (very different then other test prep that just record a voice). I highly recommend for PA, PPD & PDD to supplement your reading!

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Posted 4 months ago
Great practice questions

I really loved Elif's course. It helped me to fill the gaps and to pay attention to information that I missed while reading book and studying on my own. Great questions and most importantly explanations of each possible wrong and correct answer.

Preview Image
Sonnet Lee
Posted 4 months ago
Very Helpful!

Loved the Video courses. Well explained and saved me a lot of reading time! Thanks Elif for making them!

Preview Image
Posted 4 months ago
Highly recommend for PPD and PDD

Thanks Elif for your great videos it helped me a lot to passed PDD and PPD on my first try

Preview Image
Posted 4 months ago
Easy to follow.

Thanks Elif, those videos are helpful and easy to follow. Will you create more videos on other technical topics like plumbing/electrical system?

Preview Image
Posted 7 months ago
great breakdown of concepts

clear explanations and guidance for which resources to study to get the essence of subjects.

Preview Image
Karim Helmy
Posted 7 months ago
Clear to understand and follow

Thanks Elif for putting the effort to make these videos. your material clarified a lot of misconceptions I previously had.

Preview Image
Posted 9 months ago
Easy to Follow and Understand

The videos are really helpful in understanding the equations. I would definitely say they are easy to follow and understand.

Preview Image
Bianca Yin
Posted 10 months ago
Finally passed PPD!!

2nd review for Elif's video courses: the Sustainability section was SO helpful for my finally passing the PPD exam! Thank you, Elif!

Preview Image
Posted 10 months ago

Yay!!!! I am sooo happy for you, Bianca! Congratulations!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Also, thanks s much for your comment ❤️. I hope more and more people can hear about these videos and benefit at this affordable price🙏🏼

Posted 11 months ago
Helped me pass PPD

The Sustainability videos are the reason I passed PPD! 🙂 Thanks Elif for creating such easy to understand and on point content!

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  1. Thank you for assigning reading material and creating these lectures and exams, and not charging us an arm and a leg! The NCarb study materials are hard to get through alone. I like how you explain things into simple terms. I like the settle video editing you do, like explain latent heat and zoom in on the ice in the glass. Thank you for your dedication to help the ARE candidates. Much love ❤️

    1. Thanks so much for appreciating my effort. I really work so hard on this content and keeping it affordable is one of my main priorities. Please help me spread the word about these videos so I can keep them affordable and accessible. I wish you the best of luck, hope you pass all of your remaining exams.

  2. I never thought I would enjoy watching Structures related videos, but Elif has done an incredible job in simplifying and explaining these complex ideas into educational, easy-to-follow and enjoyable short videos! Thank you for spending the time and effort to create these videos, I had previously attended some of your live structures sessions and found them so helpful! It’s so wonderful to now have access to these recorded videos whenever we need a structural refresher! Thanks again for everything you do and your undeniable dedication, I have been recommending your site and materials to everyone I know!

  3. Thank you Elif for making these videos! They are clear and concise and comprehensive for someone who has always struggled understanding structural concepts. You can tell you have put your heart and soul into making these courses, especially the videos. I very much appreciate that they are affordable and that you strive to help people pass the ARE exams. Thank you again for all your efforts during my journey of passing the ARE’s!!!

    1. Thank you sooooo much, Eleni! It is great to hear that the videos were easy to understand and helpful. I really work so hard on them, so it is great to be acknowledged. Also, thanks for pointing out the affordability aspect, means a lot! I wish you the best of luck with your exam journey! Hope you get licensed very soon!

  4. Elif, your videos are great! Clear and to the point. I like studying with questions. You should do more of the topics. I just joined. Completed the sustainability. It is clear an to the point. I like your approach to the skills for test taking. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Berenice! It is great to hear that you liked the videos. I am working on more, it takes a lot of time. I wish I could produce faster but getting there. I wish you pass all of your exams soon! Happy studying and best of luck!

  5. Elif,
    These video are incredibly helpful and on-point. You don’t run around beating the bush and waste people’s time. You explained things in simple terms even the most complicated concepts. This is the best $15 anyone could spend studying for the exams. I dare say even far better than some of the pricey video lectures out there. This is a testament to your experience taking the exams, your hard work putting these questions and explanations together and your genuine desire to help ARE candidates cross the finish line. Please keep making them. These videos along with questions are highly recommended tools to pass the exams!

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce! It is great to be helpful to fellow architectural workers and to be acknowledged by them. Since day-1, I have dreamed of this platform being an accessible and affordable source for architects. This was and never will be a profit-driven business because I know how hard to pass these tests, and more importantly, I know how much an entry-level architectural worker is making in this country (or in the world). So ideologically, I believe in making the sources as affordable as possible to include all income levels. Education is a fundamental human right, after all. Even though it is incredibly time-consuming and challenging to produce video content, I feel this is my responsibility to the community. So I will continue to make them until I cover all contents for the six exams. I hope I can succeed.

    1. Hi Israel,
      I am working on videos every day. That is the biggest portion of my daily workload. It takes about 3-4 weeks to complete the content of a 45 to 60-minute video which is followed by another week of production and post-production efforts. I go through all the books NCARB listed, all the questions I have and NCARB has in their free practice exams, and many other online resources to get a full picture of the topic. Si it is time-consuming. My goal is to finish all technical content by early 2024. Following that, I will start creating lectures for PCM, PJM, and CE. I admit it is a slow process, but I promise I will do my best to get as many hours in as possible.