Great review questions

I like this course very much, the review of the questions really are excellent, like how you reference the text books.
Thank you

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  1. You are welcome, Adriana. I am glad you found them helpful. I love using practice questions whenever I am studying for a test. However, when I was studying for these exams in 2018 & 19, I noticed that I was craving for something specific in practice questions: I wanted to know where the information came from…? Especially with the topics that I wasn’t familiar with, I wanted to read further. But, at the time, none of the practice questions in the market had reference material in the explanations of the questions. They were just giving the correct answer most of the time, and that was it! Take it or leave it!😅

    After I launched my question, many of you guys appraised this feature of giving reference materials in the feedback. Thanks for noticing the effort. Apparently, many people were feeling like me. Now, I see even big names in the market are doing the same thing, which makes me super happy for all tets-takers.

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