you might as well make the platform look and feel like the actual exam


  1. Hi,
    I am so happy to hear that you liked the questions. I really hope they help you to pass your exams.

    And thanks so much for your feedback regarding turning the platform into something similar to the actual exam. However, creating a digital platform mimicking the exam is very costly because everything has to be custom-coded and created. When I first started to work on the website in 2020, I shopped around for that, and the quotes I got was starting from $100K minimum, not including hefty and continuous maintenance costs. As much as I want to provide the best experience to users, I didn’t want to create a $$$ product for architectural workers, who are unfortunately not making a lot of money. So, I decided to create an effective platform to deliver my content (which I value the most) and bring it to the people at an affordable cost. I hope this explains why I couldn’t go the other direction and makes sense.