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Bonus Quiz-1: Building Structures

This quiz includes questions based on my readings of the book: Building Structures James Ambrose and Patrick Tripeny John Wiley & Sons, 3rd edition, 2012, which is highlighted in Ncarb ARE 5.0 Handbook – PDD  Section. The book will be referred as Building Structures in the feedback.

Study tip-1: These questions do not cover every topic discussed in the book and cannot be replaced with reading the book on your own. I recommend reading the book first and using these questions as a recap of the information.

Study tip-2: If you are studying for only PPD, you may still want to review this quiz but focus more on conceptual questions, rather than more detailed ones.

Study tip-3: These questions may be much harder than the ones you see in the PDD exam. Please do not focus on to solve them correctly, rather use them as “study tools”. Which means review the concepts behind the question and hopefully in the exam when you get a question from the same topic, you can answer it correctly.