NCARB ARE 5.0 Reference Matrix with Links

If you read any of my blog posts or comments on ARE Facebook Group or on NCARB ARE Forum, you know that I am a big fan of reading the reference material specified by NCARB in the 5.0 Handbook. And my favorite portion of the Handbook is the Reference Matrix at the end of these guidelines. In fact, NCARB recently posted a new Guideline for testing with PSI, and they revised the Reference Matrix. It is the draft version, but I am sure the final version will not be too different. 

But I have noticed that people struggle to find which book NCARB or their fellow test-takers are referring to, especially since the newcomers do not recognize abbreviations like MEEB, HCL, or AHPP. So I have decided to create this document where you can easily access all of the materials in the Reference Matrix with one click. I linked all the materials to the seller’s website (primarily Amazon) or, if available, to the direct pdf that you can download or access online for free, like IBC-2018 or contract documents.

One last note; pay attention to the little star symbols next to some of the materials. According to NCARB, those are the books that are cited (by questions) the most. So to use your time wisely, start reading with those books.

I wish everyone the best of luck with your readings and exams!!

Click Here to Download the PDF Document. Download the document on your desktop, open it in Adobe and click on the reference materials underlined with blue lines to access the web pages.


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