FD-Design Diagonal-220

$220.00 / year




Terms and Conditions of Membership and Access to Materials under Firm Discount Deal

1. Description of the Product

The Member, Design Diagonal, by purchasing the product herein, shall be granted access to  PCM, PJM, PA, PPD & PDD Questions Bundles, ADA Question Bundle, and Video Lectures. It is the Member’s responsibility to review the individual product pages meticulously, as they cover details specific to each set of materials.

2. Membership Fees and Subscription Term

The Member agrees to pay an annual membership fee of $220.00 (two hundred and twenty dollars) for one license, which will be billed every 365 days, starting immediately upon the completion of the payment process, until such time the membership is cancelled by the Member.

3. Refund and Cancellation Policy

a. The Member has the privilege to annul the membership within 30 calendar days subsequent to the purchase date, whereby a full refund of the one-year membership fee shall be effected. b. All purchases shall be deemed final and non-refundable following the expiration of the 30-calendar-day refund period. c. Under no circumstances shall the Member be entitled to refunds or credits for partially used membership periods, regardless of the Member’s completion of testing or discontinuation of materials usage.

4. Transfer and Sharing of Access

This license is expressly issued to the Member and is non-transferable. Any attempt to transfer or share the license, including but not limited to colleagues, coworkers, or friends, whether within the same firm or another, is strictly prohibited.

The Member is also prohibited from sharing the product purchase link, or any other proprietary access link received via email or otherwise, with any third party. The Member acknowledges that such links are for their individual use and agrees to maintain the confidentiality of said links, not disseminating them to any unauthorized parties.

In the event of such breaches, the Owner, Elif Bayram, reserves the unilateral right to suspend access, terminate the Agreement, and pursue legal remedies against the Member as appropriate.

5. Employee Discount

Employees of the same firm are eligible for a discount, subject to each employee agreeing to pay the annual subscription fee of $220.00, for up to 5 employee licenses. This offer is non-transferable and is strictly limited to eligible employees of the firm.

Acceptance of Terms

By effectuating the purchase of this single license, the Member, Design Diagonal, expressly acknowledges, agrees to, and becomes bound by the terms and conditions contained herein.